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Personalized CME discovery and alerts

The challenge of keeping up with CME

Medical professionals like you are required to complete CME hours annually. But finding the right courses from various sources can be time-consuming and stressful. Don’t miss out.
The challenge of keeping up with CME

My CME points

  • Get real-time alerts tailored to your needs
  • Automate your CME discovery and tracking
  • Attend events that match your criteria
  • Keep your friends in the loop

Doctors say

“My CME Points” has revolutionized the way I manage my Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, a necessity for license retention in my profession. The platform’s well-curated list of accredited courses and conferences has alleviated the time and effort I previously struggled with to fulfill my CME requirements.
Dr. Monlear

Specialist, Albert Hill Hospitals

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