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What is My CME Points?

My CME Points is the personal concierge for your professional development. Set your criteria once including your preferred learning style (physical events, video lectures, podcasts, or written material)—just once—and we’ll scan multiple sources in real-time, delivering personalized alerts straight to you. It’s like having a personal assistant whose sole job is to make sure you never miss an opportunity to grow professionally. We’re not just solving a problem; we’re elevating an experience.

How does My CME Points help medical professionals?
The platform helps by automating the process of finding CME opportunities, saving time and ensuring that medical professionals can easily access courses and events that are pertinent to their specialties. It also provides tools to track and manage CME credits, helping users stay compliant with licensing requirements.
Who can benefit from using My CME Points?

Any licensed medical professional, including doctors, nurses, specialists, and allied health professionals, who need to earn CME credits to maintain their license and stay updated with the latest in their field can benefit from using My CME Points.

How does My CME Points source its CME opportunities?
My CME Points sources its CME opportunities by monitoring multiple online sources and through partnerships with accredited educational providers, medical associations, and conference organizers. It also stays updated with the latest trends and advancements in various medical fields to offer the most current opportunities.
Are the CME opportunities provided by My CME Points accredited?
Yes, all CME opportunities recommended by My CME Points are accredited.
How does My CME Points ensure the relevance of CME opportunities?
The platform uses an advanced matching algorithm that considers the user’s specialization, interests, and past CME activities. This personalization ensures that the CME opportunities are relevant and beneficial for the user’s professional growth.
Can I track my CME credits through My CME Points?
Yes, the platform offers a comprehensive CME tracking tool. Users can log their completed activities, track their credits, and even receive reminders for upcoming deadlines, ensuring they stay on track with their requirements.
Can I suggest new sources or types of CME opportunities?
Yes, My CME Points welcomes suggestions from its users. If you have a preferred source or type of CME opportunity that you would like to see included, you can submit a request through the platform’s “Get in touch” page.
How can my organization collaborate with My CME Points?

Your organization can collaborate with My CME Points by becoming a content provider or partner. This involves submitting your CME courses or events for inclusion on the platform, following a review for quality and accreditation compliance. To start the process, contact us through our website’s “get in touch” page.

What are the benefits for organizers collaborating with My CME Points?
Collaborating with My CME Points offers increased visibility for your CME activities among a wide network of medical professionals. It also provides an opportunity to contribute to the professional development of healthcare practitioners, ensuring your content reaches the right audience.
How does My CME Points select and vet CME content from organizers?
We have a stringent selection process involving a review of the content’s relevance, educational value, and accreditation status. This ensures that all CME activities listed on our platform meet high standards and are beneficial for our users.
Is there a cost for organizers to list their CME activities on My CME Points?
Listing basic CME activities on our platform can be free, but we also offer premium options for enhanced visibility and promotion. The pricing for these services is available upon request and varies based on the level of promotion and features desired.
Can organizers track the engagement and feedback for their CME activities?
Yes, organizers can access detailed analytics and feedback for their listed activities. This includes participant numbers, engagement rates, and user reviews, helping you understand the impact of your CME content and make improvements.
What types of CME activities can organizers submit to My CME Points?
Organizers can submit a variety of CME activities, including online courses, live workshops, conferences, and webinars. We accept content that covers a wide range of medical specialties and topics.
How long does it take for a CME activity to be approved and listed?
The approval process typically takes 24 hrs, depending on the volume of submissions and the complexity of the CME activity. We strive to review and list approved activities as quickly as possible.
Can organizers update or remove their CME activities after submission?
Yes, organizers can request updates or removal of their activities. This can be done through the organizer dashboard or by contacting our support team directly.
Does My CME Points offer support for organizers new to digital CME platforms?
Absolutely, we offer comprehensive support and guidance for organizers who are new to digital CME platforms. This includes assistance in setting up your profile, submitting your CME activities, and making the most of our platform.
How can organizers receive feedback or suggestions from participants?
Participants can leave feedback directly on the CME activity page. Organizers can view and respond to this feedback, allowing for direct interaction and the ability to gather valuable insights for future activities.

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